Top 10 Things Every Dog Owner Should Own

Top 10 Things Every Dog Owner Should Own

In this ever changing world of being a pet owner, you will always see a new product, new food, new everything and it can be hard to keep up with what you actually NEED for your dog. So to make it simple, we have compiled a list of the Top 10 things Every dog Owner Should Own.

Now we aren’t talking about food, baths or things like that, as we are sure you already provide your dog with these! Today we are looking at the fun, practical and useful things you wish someone had told you about sooner. 


1. A Stylish and Safe Dog Harness

Sunshine On My Mind Reversible Dog Harness on a gorgeous Cavalier puppy

Now we know this might not seem like a need, but let us assure you it is.

The first thing on our list of Top 10 Things Every Dog Owner Should Own is a stylish dog harness. It is the equivalent of a new outfit or hairdo for your pup. It will make you and your dog look like your life is actually put together when you go for your Saturday morning stroll. Now apart from just looking fabulous, a dog harness truly is a must have. It makes walks so much easier and doesn’t pull on their neck. Remember, safety is always a important.

There are so many different styles, colours and sizes to choose from so there is one to suit any family pet! You can check them all out here.




2. A Comfy Dog Bed

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong (in our eyes) with letting your dog (or dogs) sleep on the bed, but sometimes it’s great to let them have their own dedicated spot. Because, hey they deserve a bed just as much as we do.

When we look for beds, comfort is key, with some beds adding a bit more ‘softness, to their makeup. They can even come with raised sides!

As dogs age they become more susceptible to issues such as hip dysplasia and other bone related issues. This makes choosing a bed more important. We recommend grabbing an orthopaedic style for your senior puppies to help with their aging bodies.

For our pups, the Curl Up Cloud Calming Dog Bed is a win. Our youngest Arlo loved it from the get go and now he’s claimed it as his own (much to the dismay of our Labrador). It’s a great pick for those who love to snuggle and curl up into a nice fuzzy ball. Made some extra plush vegan Faur fur, the curl up cloud is so soft, we wish we could use it!

There is a great range available on our website.


3. A Cooling Dog Bandana

Sunshine On My Mind Cooling Bandana

Now a must have in the Aussie Summer, are the cooling bandanas by Pawfect pals. They are the perfect thing to help cool your pup down when temps get high.

They are so quick and easy to use. Just wet the bandana a bit and place it in your fridge for about 10 minutes and MAGIC! Your dog will stay cool for ages.

It’s great to put on just before a walk or even just when they are out relaxing in the sunshine. The added bonus is they also are extremely cute and you really can’t go wrong! 



4. A Flea Comb

Now we all know this one is an important one, but something that we find people just don’t seem to have at home is a Flea Comb.

These combs are obviously great for getting rid of or just checking for pesky fleas & tics, but they are also amazing for getting out small knots and tangles too. Bonus, it works on all hair lengths! Now just a tip, brushing your dogs everyday will help decrease shedding and help maintain a healthier coat! 



5. Tug and Fetch Dog toy

The Dog Soccer Ball is an excellent toy for throwing and tugging. Durable material ensure the toys lasts. Pump included.

Don’t get us wrong, we love playing fetch and watching our dogs run but sometimes you want to add in something to their playtime that doesn’t involve running.

The Dog Soccer Ball from M-Pets is a great solution as it comes with multiple tough tabs for pulling and grabbing. It comes with an easy pump to inflate it time and time again. And helps them to also avoid the dreaded digging and chewing on your beloved furniture.

From our experience, the best toys have multiple uses and this Dog Soccer Ball does just that, providing so much fun. It is perfect for one, two, or more dogs who love a good game of tug!



6. A Sturdy Dog lead

A good dog lead is something that every household should have!

You need one that is sturdy, not too long, not too short but is just right for your pets size and strength. We love one that matches a harness so we highly recommend coordinating your dogs beautiful Pawfect Pals Harness with a super cute Vegan Leather Dog Lead in the same style! 




7. A Slow Feeding Food Or Treat Dog bowls

Puppy enjoying the LickiMat Slomo Red

You’ve probably noticed that your dog loves food, and in reality who doesn’t, so one of the 10 thing every dog owner dog should own is a LickiMat. These mats are an amazing way of slowing down feeding time or giving them treats (peanut butter is something our pups recommend).

With four different sections and two textures, the options are endless. Your pup is guaranteed to get super excited every time you pull this bad boy out! They also have multiple health benefits for their gums and are a great method of reducing separation anxiety.

You can easily find treat ideas to lather on so it should be incredibly easy to keep them interested! 

We’ve managed to keep our pups happy for hours as they endlessly lick away, trying to get that last scrap of food on them!


8. The Right Dog Collars

A dog collar is something you might already have, but style is important and durability is important so why not have the best of both worlds?

Pawfect Pals has large range of amazing colours, patterns and styles that will look amazing on every pup! We have a large range of sizes so no dog will miss out!

You can also use a cat collar if your Puppy is too small for a regular dog collar! We have similar designs available and cat collars come with a bell so you never have to worry about where your puppy has run off too! 



9. Don’t Forget To Clean Up After Your Dog

We all love our dog, right? All the time, Right? Well we’ll gonna be honest, we don’t love cleaning up after them on walks. We hate remembering to bring bags with us!

Thankfully, there is a solution and we swear it is a life saver. These super cute (not words we would usually describe things like this!) poo waste bag holders, come with an easy and durable clip that just hooks onto your dog’s lead, harness or a bag and that way you’ve never forgotten poo bags again! 

Did we mention it matches some of our other accessories?



10. Finish It Off With A Dog Bow Ties

cute pet bow tie in a sailor style with the you give me butterflies Australia design in lovely pink and white colours

Did you see that stylish pup strolling up the red carpet? We heard they were wearing matching Collar and Bow Tie.

Now the last thing on our list of Top 10 Things Every Dog Owner Should Own is for when we are looking for something to jazz up our pups look. The ultimate, underrated answer is a Dog Bow tie. With easy to use elastic straps, you can simply attach this onto your dog’s collar and they are ready to go.

We’ve got matching colours available for our harnesses, collars and leads so there is no excuse not to finish the set.

They are great for all breeds and provide that little something extra for when your pup needs to look their best. Next time you take your pup out to a fancy restaurant or event, you’ll be more than ready to show off their fashionable side.


What Have You Forgotten?

Now, we are certain that you’re needing at least one thing from our list of Top 10 Things Every Dog Owner Should Own, but we won’t be upset if it’s more. Keeping your pup up to date with the latest trends is important. We know that these options are bound to be of help when you’re looking for the next addition to your pups items. 

Remember, your pup is royalty and it’s always the right move to treat them that way!


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