How to Stop Separation Anxiety in Your Dog

How To Stop Separation Anxiety in Your Dog Banner Image, bored Dalmation

With all the iso puppies turning two years old this year and the hybrid work life becoming more common, many dogs are experiencing separation anxiety. It can not only cause your pup to bark more often (which we know the neighbours love), but can also lead to some destructive behaviours. Learning how to stop separation anxiety in your dog is very important for the long term health of your pup.

There is nothing more worrying than thinking that your dog is anxious at home alone, so we thought we would help a fellow dog lover out and show you some of the best ways to keep your dog’s anxiety at bay when you leave. 

Our youngest, a two year old Labradoodle, Arlo, has spent his entire life with the comfort of an older dog around.

Trust us when we say we’ve learned the hard way leaving him alone leads to some expected outcomes (who really needs more than one pair of shoes). So we’ve researched, tested and found some great methods of keeping him happy and we’ve detailed them below!


First Things First

Remember to take it slow!

Rome wasn’t built in a day and your pup isn’t going to be magically perfect in a day either. Give yourself and your precious pooch a chance to learn and make mistakes, not every solution will work for you and your pup.

So take it slow and learn together!

Dogs are social animals, they don’t enjoy being alone and prefer the company of other animals or humans. A change in their daily routine or family life can cause our pups to experience anxiety. We need to do whatever we can to reduce their stress.

“Separation anxiety can be emotionally exhausting to deal with, both for the dog and the owner. It’s not a sign of how much your dog loves you — it’s essentially a panic disorder.” – Kayla Fratt, Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant.


Lick Your Troubles Away

This one is an amazing one and it is probably the most popular method because it can be used in so many situations of anxiety. From the dreaded bath time to the occasional a coffee date, the LickiMat is a sure win.

Puppy enjoying the LickiMat Slomo Red

The Lickimat is by far our top way to calm down our pets. These mats come in so many different colours and textures so there is one for every pup.

We have personally loved the Lickimat Slowmo as it has 4 different sections with 2 different texture styles.

This is fantastic for when you need a good few hours of distraction. You simply fill the spots with their favourite treats (we highly recommend smashed blueberry and dog safe peanut butter) then pop it in the freezer.

They will be too preoccupied to notice your gone!

Apart from just being a tasty treat, LickiMats provide some amazing health benefits for your dog.

  • Licking helps produce more salvia which helps clean your pups tongue, teeth and gums (It also helps them with their not so ‘lovable’ dog breath).
  • It produces endorphins in their body which helps keep them calm and soothes them during times of stress.

There are multiple colours, textures and sizes available and it is a product that is highly loved amongst our customers and their pets.


Giggle Through the Anxiety

Now if your furry friend is a bit more play motivated but still loves a good treat, then the giggling sound interactive treat ball is the perfect solution to stop separation anxiety in your dog.Giggling Sound Interactive Treat Ball Toy

It has a unique ‘giggle’ sound when it moves and this always catches their attention!

It is perfect to fill with a few of their favourite treats. Alternatively, if they are on a diet replace their treats with some of their breakfast kibble and let them have at it! The sound effect is amazing at catching their attention, and the treats provide a reward like system.

Every time they see this toy pulled out they are sure to get excited.

This one is a short term solution, but is perfect if you are wanting to slowly train them into being alone.

Leave them with their ball for 30mins to an hour and then come home and each time extend the length a bit more and see how calm they get! 


Cuddle it Up!

Now if your dog is not really motivated by food or chase style play then the best solution for you is a soft but durable toy like corduroy owl, corduroy dog, corduroy koala.

Arlo & Corduroy Dog Toy


These are adorable cuddly toys that are perfect for your dog to snuggle into.

We recommend getting as much of your scent on the toy as possible. This will help them feel like you are still around and provide comfort by reminding them of you. The corduroy toys do have a jute rope attached as well.

This makes them perfect for any anxious chewing your pup might be relying on (saving your couches and door corners).



Let’s Summarise

There are so many ways to stop separation anxiety in your dog, just be patient. Know it does take time and sometimes multiple methods to keep your pup calm.

Just remember it is a process and a learning curve for you both. Using these small tips and tricks will hopefully get you and your pup there a tad quicker!

It is also important to keep an eye out for your pups anxiety getting worse or not improving. If you’re not seeing improvement, the best bet would be to talk to your vet!

Hope is not lost, your anxious pup can feel comfortable alone and we’re sure that any one these amazing products will help you get there!