About Us

Pets are a part of our family and sometimes they are the most important thing in our family.In our household we have two wonderful dogs, and we cherish everyday we get to spend with them. Meet Silas, our rambunctious, playful and sassy 5 year Labrador who will do anything to earn himself a tasty treat. In fact, treats are the number one thing in his world. Followed closely by toys, which he truly loves and decides to bring to us frequently, dog slobber and all.Then we have Arlo, the cute, warm and fuzzy 1 year old labradoodle who values cuddles above all else. Whilst he is not as food motivated as Silas, put a cuddle on the table and he’ll do anything. He is definitely the definition of a sweetie pie.Lastly, it is us, Nathan and Katie. We’ve both grown up with animals in our lives and they have had such an important impact. We absolutely cannot imagine a life without them.Here at Barkley And Co, we love pets and want them to live long and happy lives because they mean everything to us. There is absolutely no better feeling than coming home to their smiling face (even when they happen to bring you a ruined pair of socks). Proudly Australian owned, our business is run by two avid animal lovers and we know that our pets are top priority in our household. We want to bring you (and your furry family members) the best products, allowing you to treasure every moment spent with them. Whether your dog needs some tasty new treats, or your cat needs a soft cushiony bed to curl up in, we’ve got you covered. We’ve worked hard to find the best products and suppliers, so we strongly believe we can find the right piece that fits into your pet’s life.Life is better with pets. So let’s make their life better too!